Tuesday, May 24, 2011

British and European Royalty links to Pre-Islamic Zoroastrian Sassanian Iran, Middle East, Asia and Africa. 1

Royal family links across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
A huge "cache" of genealogy information is available, from some of the most reputed professional genealogists, on several genealogy websites.

My findings-LINK

Most Internet browsers must be familiar with ancestry.com and rootsweb.com, as two examples of many other websites that provide genealogy data.

My point is, this is not any new finding. This information has always been there-about British and European royalty, which have links through a huge web of royal connections through marriage through several hundred years; they have these "pedigree" links, not just spread across Europe, but across the Middle East, Asia, Egypt and North Africa. This information is available on hundreds of web sites.

Here are my findings of genealogy links, one of many from other kingdoms and Empires in antiquity, this one from the ancient Sassanian Kings of pre-Islamic Iran, linking Queen Elizabeth to these kings. To those not familiar with these royal connections, this also means royals across Europe, including those who have lost their thrones, are related to the Sassanians, and other Asian royal families.

I found 3 genealogy descents from antiquity, linking Queen Elizabeth II and her ancestors to Sassanian Iran. LINK

This is might be the first of similar genealogy findings I will place here, on my blog.